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Pioneer Program

The Pioneer program is the first year of the two-year acceptance-based Teen Leadership Program. The first four weeks, which take place at camp, focus on personal growth, teamwork, and the Beber Way. After the first four weeks, the Pioneers have the option of participating in a 3-week trip to Poland and Israel designed to deepen their knowledge of Jewish Life and connection to the Land of Israel.

The Pioneer program focuses on helping participants build the following leadership skills and knowledge base:

  • Personal Growth.Participants will explore questions of: Who am I? What are my strengths? Where do I need to continue to develop my skill sets? What am I passionate about and what fulfills me? What does being Jewish mean to me personally?
  • Teamwork. By taking part in group work and program reflection, participants will gain interpersonal communication skills, relationship-building skills, conflict-resolution, empathy, active listening, and they will deeply explore what it means to build and take part in community.
  • The Beber Way.Participants will receive introductory training on Beber Camp’s mission and core Jewish values that set the stage for providing outstanding child care, meaningful Jewish life, and world-class programming.