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What are your Covid Summer Plans?

We are currently waiting for an update from the CDC and American Camping Association about what the plans are for summer 2023. Once we know more, we will be communicating it with our community.

Who works at Beber Camp?

Each summer we have a terrific staff. Some of them grew up at Beber while others found us as adults. Our staff is made up of college students, educators and people who just want to try something different. They travel from all over the world to spend their summers in Wisconsin. Even with all of their different life experiences, interests, religions and nationalities, they all have one thing in common: a commitment to providing kids with the most positive, fun and rewarding summer experience.

Do I have to be Jewish to work at Beber?

No – We look for great people who want to work with children. The best staff are compassionate, enthusiastic, good listeners, patient, nurturing and trustworthy. We look for staff who are team players with leadership skills, easy-going and know how to have fun.

What are the campers like at Beber?

Beber Campers are looking to have the best summer possible! Our campers come from all over the world and their goals include making new friends, trying new activities, and learning independent life skills. Our campers are a diverse group of kids who are looking to their staff to help them have a meaningful and memorable summer.

Where do I live at camp?

If you are hired to be a counselor, you will live in a cabin with your campers. There are typically 3-4 counselors in a cabin with 14-16 campers. All cabins have electricity, bathrooms, and fans.

What is the Time Off Policy?

Staff are awarded 4 days off (a full 24 hour period) and 2 evenings off (from 6pm-1am) during the summer. Staff receives breaks during the day to make phone calls, check email, relax in the staff lounge or rest! Beber also provides staff recreation opportunities during time off such as pool parties, campfire circles, game nights (Catan, anyone?!), staff tye-dye, and much more!

Is there a staff lounge and what does it include?

Beber’s staff lounge is furnished with a pool table, computers with free wifi, Youtube TV, and DVR for recording favorite shows and movies. We also have a coffee machine, refrigerator, shelves to store personal snacks, and lots of comfortable furniture – all in the comfort of an air-conditioned room!

Are there specific certifications that are required?

If you are hired for a job that requires certification (ie. lifeguard or Ropes), Beber will provide that training for you.

Who will be my supervisor and how will I be evaluated?

You will be notified of whom your direct supervisor will be once you are hired. All counselors report to a Division Leader and specialists will report to an Area Director. As a staff member, you will participate in weekly divisional and all staff meetings and will provide ongoing, mutual, real-time feedback to your supervisor. Your supervisor will do a written evaluation on your performance twice a summer and review it with you.

How do I apply?

Click here to access our staff application. Once you submit the application, you will contact the office to schedule a phone interview. Most of our staff hiring occurs between October and January.