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Taste of Beber

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Registration for Taste of Beber – Summer 2024 is open!

Dates: July 30 – August 1

Price: $350

This program is for entering 1st through 4th graders

Taste of Beber is a two-night experience for campers currently entering First through Forth grade. This is a spectacular opportunity to explore a wide array of camp programs, including the aqua park, boating, swimming, climbing/zip line, arts and crafts, music, sports, farm, cooking, and more. Most importantly, your children will be under the care and supervision of our most experienced, skilled, and energetic staff. Campers will enjoy delicious camp meals each day with many choices, all served buffet style in our air-conditioned dining hall. Taste of Beber campers also participate in evening programs and will sit around a campfire while roasting marshmallows and singing camp songs. Campers will sleep in air-conditioned Yurts.

This ‘taste’ experience is designed to help campers become comfortable sleeping away from home while giving them some basic independent life skills necessary for being successful at overnight camp. We know that sleepaway camp is an extraordinary opportunity for developing life skills and self-confidence. Our goal is to help your child feel prepared for the possibility of going to overnight camp next summer. Our staff will provide a safe and positive environment in which your children will be able to explore and enjoy the different aspects of camp life. 

While your child is experiencing an incredible few days in Mukwonago, we also understand that parents need to know more about camp and the community their child will be a part of. Therefore, our directors and Taste of Beber staff will provide a nightly blog and post daily photos of Taste of Beber campers and their activities

Getting Ready For Taste of Beber


Completing camper forms in a timely manner is one of the most important things parents do prior to sending their children to camp.

To ensure the best summer for your camper, we rely on the detailed, personal information you provide.

We review the information with our counselors, division leaders, medical staff, and community care team made up of social workers and other mental health professionals. We understand that some information is extremely personal in nature, and we respect your reluctance to want to disclose this to us. However, our commitment to partnering with your family relies on an honest description of your child, including their strengths and weaknesses, special talents, fears and ambitions, and so on.

Taste of Beber Camper forms are due by April 1. If you register after April 1, please submit all forms to us within 10 days of registering. The Immunization Record and Health History form are also due then. If your child has a physical after April 1 and there are any changes to make on the form, or if they receive any new immunizations, please notify the Health Center at healthcenter@bebercamp.com

All forms and instructions are available through CampInTouch or the Campanion app.

Remember, this is a short time away from home, so we ask that you only pack the essentials listed below. Camp will provide linens, blankets, pillows and shower towels so you do not need to pack any of these bulky items. We understand that some campers will want to bring a special blanket, stuffed animal, or pillow from home and that is totally appropriate. Please make sure that all personal items have campers’ names clearly written on them!

  • 4 – T Shirts
  • 3 – Shorts
  • 1 – Long Pants
  • 4 – Underwear
  • 4 – Pairs of Socks
  • 1 – Sweatshirt or Fleece
  • 1 – Pajamas
  • 1 – Sneakers
  • 1- Flip Flops/Shower Shoes
  • 1 – Rain Jacket
  • 1 – Sunglasses/Hat
  • 2 – Bathing Suit
  • 1 – Beach Towel
  • 1 – Sunscreen
  • 1 – Bug Spray
  • 2 – Reusable Water Bottles 
  • 1- Flashlight
  • 1 – Toothbrush
  • 1 – Toothpaste
  • 1 – Soap/Shampoo
  • Other toiletries as needed
  • 1 – Book/quiet game/stuffed animal (Optional)
  • 1 – Camera (optional)

Beber is a screen-free community for campers. The only electronics allowed will be screen-less music players (e.g. iPod Shuffles) and digital cameras. All other music players, iPads, eBook readers, portable game devices, video players, and smart watches should remain at home. Camp is one of the few places throughout the year where kids can truly unplug and we want to encourage our campers to play and create awesome new relationships!

We recognize that many campers have specific dietary needs. We firmly believe in creating a safe and inclusive environment for all children at Beber Camp. Beber does not use nuts in any menu items and we do not serve peanut butter at meals. It is impossible to guarantee that camp can be fully peanut or nut free due to manufacturing processes and labeling. Beber is proud to be able to provide alternative meals for those with food allergies such as gluten, dairy and egg. Vegetarian meals are also available and all food served is Kosher.

Note: Please do not bring food to camp or for the bus ride. We will be providing a full delicious menu and snacks will be provided throughout the program.

Please pack all medications in a plastic bag with the camper’s name clearly marked on the bag. Please include detailed dispensing instructions. Medications must remain in the original prescription bottles. Please plan to give the medication to the camp staff who will make sure that the nurse receives it at camp. All medications must be accompanied with the medication form.

Campers from the Chicago area must take the bus from the Chicago suburbs. We will pick up from the Chicago suburbs (Location TBD) on July 30, aiming to get to camp around 4:30 PM. If you are driving to camp, please aim to get to Entrance D by 4:30 PM. We will be dropping the campers back off at the Chicago suburbs (Location TBD) at 3 PM on August 1. Those participating in a tour, please be at Entrance D of camp at 1:15 PM sharp as tours start at 1:30 PM.


CampinTouch, the system you used to register for the program, is a great way to experience camp as a parent. We plan to upload photos each day as well as write a blog post about camp activities. You will be able to access these by logging into your CampinTouch account via our website. Just select the News and Photos sections. You can also access this information via the Campanion App.

Emergency Contact

If you need to get in touch at any point over the weekend due to an emergency, please call the camp number at 847-677-7130. If it is after 10 PM and before 8 am, you will be directed to a number to call on the main camp line.