The parent and Beber staff partnership relies on the information I share on the camp forms to create the Beber magic. It’s my chance to tell my child’s story of his year and share how much he has grown from the previous summer. By completing the forms on time, it gives Beber staff the opportunity to review the forms and ask me any questions they may have. It could be as simple as sharing that your child’s teddy bear needs a kiss goodnight for him to fall asleep! 

As a parent of a child who takes daily medication, I depend on the camp medical staff to be knowledgeable and trust that he is receiving his medication as directed. With so many campers needing medication, especially at night, it is crucial for the medical staff to have all the detailed information in all the correct places. Take the time to read and follow all the instructions on the website and call or email Trudy, Director of Health and Wellness, if you have any questions. This way, all our children can have magical summers at 3BC (B’nai B’rith Beber Camp)!