Staffing is crucial for Beber Camp’s success, and we are proud to introduce the Summer 2023 Leadership Team! The positions and names listed below include skilled individuals passionate about Beber Camp and eager to supervise counselors and programmatic staff this summer. This team builds the foundation for the entire staff, and they also create a lively and safe environment for our campers to have the most incredible summer yet!

This list will be updated with other team members as we move closer to the summer.

Division Leaders

  • Makor – Carly Colen
  • Kesher – Lior Latimer
  • Ramot – Isabel Barron
  • Ramot – Julia Bartol

Head Counselors

  • Makor – Jolie Ring
  • Kesher – Kate Shapiro
  • Ramot – Izzy Strauss
  • Ramot – David Bornstein

TLP Director 

  • Morgan Morris

TLP Clinical Director 

  • Michelle Bornstein

CIT Leaders 

  • Maya Hatsubi

PIO Leaders 

  • Alana Grossman
  • Sophie Heller
  • Sofia Otalora
  • Lilah Ephraim
  • Bradley Epstein
  • Eli Orkin
  • Michael Baver

Camp Clinicians

  • Mimi Yong
  • Frannie Goldwin
  • Krystal Glassman

Yad Inclusion Supervisor 

  • Jack Bender

Yad Coordinator

  • Jack Larissey

Staff Life Coordinators

  • Lily Marcus
  • Paola Gomez

Program Director

  • Kim Bird

Program Coordinator

  • Gabriel Scheck

Hobby Director

  • Bob Goldwin

Aquatics Area Director

  • Ben Jones

Waterfront Area Director

  • David Swanson (Swany)

Music Area Director Emeritus

  • Russell Wiener

Fine Arts Area Director

  • Ciara Cunningham

Outdoor Adventure/Farm Area Director

  • Brie Hilton

Challenge Course Area Director

  • Thom Van Keeken

Athletics Area Director 

  • Sari Stinson

Gan Director

  • Pyper Grove


  • Cheryl Kaplan

Office Manager

  • Amy Millman

Operations Assistant

  • Babel Pour

Culinary Director

  • Abdiel Robles


  • Carlos Flores

Kitchen Leads

  • Fer Dominguez
  • Jafet Torres Olivares
  • Javier Stiven Duran Alvear
  • Michell Sanchez
  • Xochitl Lopez Jimenez

Health Center Administrators

  • First Session – Trudy Sirkis
  • Second Session – Alix Hoekzema