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Summer Leadership Team

Staffing is crucial for Beber Camp’s success and we are proud to introduce the Summer 2022 Leadership Team!  The positions and names listed below include skilled individuals who are passionate about Beber Camp and who are eager to supervise counselors and programmatic staff this summer.  This team builds the foundation for the entire staff, and they also create a lively and safe environment in order for our campers to have the most incredible summer yet!

This list will be updated with other team members as we move closer to the summer.

Division Leaders

  • Carly Colen, Julia Bessen, Ari Kirsch, Michael Arato

Head Counselors

  • Flor Lob, Sari Stinson, Brett Toban, Reanna Tsirlin

TLP Director 

  • Naomi Benchell

CIT Leaders 

  • Morgan Morris, Allie Wilk, Sophie Heller

PIO Leaders 

  • Josh Ellis, Cam Arato, Lior Latimer, Ciara Cunningham

Yad Inclusion Supervisor 

  • Jack Bender

Inclusion Coordinator of Staff Life  

  • Noa Fidel

Program Director

  • Kim Bird

Program Coordinator

  • Andrew Aronoff

Director of Jewish Life

  • Ariel Gabriely

Shabbat Leader

  • Chuck Kahalnik

Aquatics Area Director

  • Lily Marcus

Waterfront Area Director

  • David Swanson (Swany)

Waterski Area Director

  • Ynon Magar

Music Area Director

  • Ciara Gouldsboro

Fine Arts Area Director

  • Leanne Rooney

Outdoor Adventure/Farm Area Director

  • Nicola McLeod

Challenge Course Area Director

  • Carn Hemingway

Athletics Area Director 

  • Gabriel Scheck

Arts and Craft Area Director 

  • Noa Koppel

Camp Craft and Trip Area Director 

  • Levi Wolff


  • Cheryl Kaplan

Office Manager

  • Amy Millman


  • Abdiel Robles
  • Guadalupe Xochitl