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Cabin Life

Beber Camp is so much more than our amazing facilities and tremendous variety of programs. The heart of the summer camp experience is in the cabin, where your child will make connections with campers from across the country. This is where our amazing staff create and facilitate meaningful relationships that last a lifetime. Cabin life at Beber is filled with bonding, conversation, games, music, drawing, reading, and some much needed rest at the end of the day! Many of the things your child likes to do at home before bed and in their free time can be brought to camp to share. We are screen-free however, so the video games and cell phones will have to remain at home.


Our cabins house 12-15 campers, as well as 3 to 4 staff. All of our cabins have their own bathrooms, sinks, and filtered water. Almost all of our cabins have showers in-bunk and we have a health club-style shower house with private stalls and changing areas. There’s always enough hot water for everyone, even while getting ready for Shabbat!

The beds at camp are wooden bunk beds and take standard twin sheets. Railings are attached for all top bunks. Each child gets their own “cubby,” with enough shelves and hanging space for everything on the packing list, plus some extra room for stuff that your child just can’t live without for the summer!



We believe in intentionally building community and starting everything off on a high note, so we wait for all campers to arrive on the first day before assigning beds. Your child’s counselors will help them unpack and store their luggage, as well as help them sort their laundry when it is sent out twice each session. All of your child’s counselors live in bunk and at least one is present during all of the times your child is in their cabin — primarily during Cabin Cleanup (after breakfast), Rest Hour (after lunch), and bedtime. We call these times “Golden Hours” as they are opportunities for staff and campers to connect and build meaningful relationships.

Each cabin at camp will develop its own night-time ritual as everyone winds down from their busy day. People are given the opportunity to share their thoughts about how their day went, have “flashlight time” to read before bed, or listen to music on their headphones. Each one of our camper divisions has an age-appropriate lights-out and bedtime.


Rest Hour, immediately following lunch each day, is when your camper receives any mail or packages and their canteen choices twice weekly. Generally, campers spend this time relaxing in their cabin.

Cabin cleanup is a daily occurrence at camp and you may be amazed that your child comes home knowing how to make their bed! Each cabin has a work rotation so that each child has responsibility for all of the cabin jobs — from sweeping the floor to picking up garbage on grounds around the cabin. Taking responsibility and learning how to live together with peers are a critical part of Cabin Life at Beber Camp.