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Counselor-In-Training Program

The Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program builds on the Pioneer experience by providing advanced training on Beber Camp methods, offering an in-bunk living experience, and assisting the transition to staff life by providing professional development workshops and trainings.

The CIT experience is an 8-week program where participants live and train together for the first 4 weeks. During the second 4 weeks, participants live in-bunk with campers and a group of co-counselors during which time they have the opportunity to safely apply the skills they have developed and been trained on.

More specifically, the CIT program focuses on helping participants build the following leadership skills and knowledge base:

  • The Beber Way (advanced).Through advanced-level trainings and an in-bunk living experience, CIT’s will learn how to meet campers’ needs based on their developmental levels from social, emotional, physical, mental, and uniquely personal standpoints.
  • Professional development.Participants will learn the basics of applying for a job, interviewing, resume-writing, networking, and conducting themselves as employees.


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