Hey Parents, Why Now? ?

School’s barely in session, the BBQ is still warm, and we’re already talking about Summer 2024? Trust us, this isn’t just because we’re super eager to see your kiddos again (though we are!); it’s also because early registration helps us get our act together. Think of it as laying the groundwork for an even more epic summer next year. Plus, it gives you and your camper something awesome to look forward to!

Decisions, Decisions: It’s a Learning Curve ?

Choosing to go back to camp—or try it for the first time—isn’t always a walk in the park. But hey, decision-making can be tricky for grown-ups, too (remember when you tried to pick a Netflix series last night?). It’s totally normal for kids to feel excited but also a little unsure — we call that Nervcited (thanks Stacy!) Let’s turn this into a life lesson! Maybe draft a ‘Top 5 Reasons Beber Camp Rocks’ list or have a sleepover chit-chat about it?

Tips for the Fence-Sitters: Making the Beber Camp Choice a Breeze ?️

Still not sure? No worries! Here’s the cheat sheet to help you and your mini-me decide.

“So, What Was the Best Part?” ?

Start by asking about the highlights of last summer. What activities made them jump out of bed? Who were their camp BFFs? This walk down memory lane can give you the 411 on how they really feel about camp.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand S’mores ?

Flip through last year’s camp photos using the Campanion app, or check out our latest Beber Camp Insta posts. Seeing those magical moments can sometimes spark the “I wanna go back to 3BC!” feeling.

Dial Us Up, We’re All Ears! ?

Got questions? Call us at 847-677-7130! We love to chat, and we’re here to ensure next summer is a total blast for your kid.

Life’s a Rollercoaster, Even at Camp ?

Remind them that not every day is a fairy tale, and that’s A-OK! Whether at home or at camp, life has its ups and downs. But don’t sweat it; we’re aiming for way more highs than lows at camp.

It’s Cool to Miss Home and Still Have Fun ?

Feeling homesick doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy camp. Tell them it’s totally fine to miss you while also having the time of their lives (trust us, it’s possible!). Maybe check out our very own Stacy Greenberg’s book Nervcited.

Don’t Ask, Just Tell? ?️

If you’re keen on them going to camp, don’t make it an option. Kids sometimes feel more secure when choices are simplified. If you ask and they say no, then you’re in a pickle, aren’t you?

Is Camp Really Their Jam? ?

If you’re still on the fence about whether camp is the right place for your little one, hit us up. We can give you the inside scoop to help you decide if it’s the right fit.

To Sum It Up ?

Making the decision to rock another summer at Beber Camp doesn’t have to be like solving a Rubik’s Cube. Let’s make it fun and stress-free! With open convos, some trip-down-memory-lane activities, and maybe a bit of parent-powered nudging, choosing to come back to camp can be as easy as a whip around our incredible Aqua Park!