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Pack My Rx - Aaron

I have had the unique view of seeing both sides of camp…as a parent and as a staff member. As a parent, I would love nothing more than to save a little money and time filling out forms and to simply send my “responsible child” to camp with his own meds that he can self-administer all summer long…… then I worked my first week as the camp doctor two years ago and saw the value, safety, and efficiency of the pre-packaged Pack my Rx daily packets.

With a large percentage of our kids taking medications, the daily individualized packets provide a safe, simple, and efficient way to ensure our kids receive the medications they are prescribed and, more importantly, know WHAT THEY ARE NOT prescribed. Kids can be kids, and having medications in the cabins is simply not an option. The pre-labeled packets contain your child’s name, medications, time administration, and date, allowing your child’s daily medication compliance. Whether your child is taking their meds at the health center or next to the campfire on their overnight trip, they will receive what they are supposed to! The potential increased cost far outweighs all the risks associated with the logistics of juggling pill bottles and getting our kids quickly out of the health center and back on the fields, courts, gaga pits, and cabins where they belong!!!!!

Aaron Epstein, M.D (Go Blue… team)

Pack My Rx - Aaron 2