Dear Beber Camp Community,

I am honored to write to you today as the new Assistant Director of Programming at Beber Camp!  I am really looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new families as we gear up for an amazing summer of 2019!

 My journey at Beber started back in 1987 as a camper who was sold on the fact that I could eat peanut butter & jelly and salad bar every day!  Each summer at camp I tried new activities, new foods, and met new people; all which helped fuel my passion for Beber Camp. The love for Beber remained strong through my CIT experience, then as a counselor in Makor and TC (now Kesher), and then as a Division Leader.  During hobby times I loved working along side the specialists at the horse stables, which are now the pool and PIO village! 

After 12 consecutive summers in Mukwonago, I moved to South Florida, got married, started a family and began my teaching career.  Beber Camp remained strong in my blood.  The Beber Camp Alumni Association allowed me to stay connected and involved over the years, and I am also a proud Beber parent.

For the past 20 years as an educator, I developed my craft for teaching and strengthened my leadership skills.  It was clear to me that I started my journey learning and growing at Beber, utilizing those skills throughout my professional career, and now have come back full circle, to give back more to the camp world that gave so much to me.  I am embracing my new role, and I am so very excited to work with the fantastic Beber staff as we prepare for a summer filled with the highest quality of camper care and programing!

I look forward to connecting with the Beber family as I transition into my new role.  Please feel free to contact me anytime at with any questions, or if you just want to say hello!

Peace, Love, 3BC,